Environmental profile

Ballarini has invested in research for many years in order to improve the technical and environmental qualities of its products. Reducing pollution and improving performance: this is the challenge facing the company in a marketplace increasingly attentive to health and wellbeing.

2004: UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification - a commitment, on the part of Ballarini, to containing and improving the impact of its production activities and products on the surrounding environment (soil, air, water) over time.
The body that verified and certified the compliance of our activities with the above norms is the Norwegian DNV, one of the most prestigious and well-known international institutions.

Ballarini reiterates the concepts outlined in the environmental certification, creating its own “Ballarini per l’ambiente” (“Ballarini for the environment”) label to highlight its direct commitment to sustainability, which seeks to involve all of the stakeholders that interact with the company.

2005: Thermopoint design patent – the result of Ballarini research, this invention is extremely useful in the kitchen, guaranteeing quality, safety and energy savings.

2008: First completely eco sustainable collection – Ballarini’s ‘Made in Italy’ technology andquality plays a key role in the creation of this eco collection, above all because it is certified.

2008 Cucinando s’impara – launch of the ‘Cucinando s’impara’ (“Learn while cooking”) children’s food culture project designed to promote the themes of healthy diets and environmental eco-sustainability. Developed in association with ANDID (Italian Dieticians’ Association), it is the only association that dialogues with the Ministry of Health and which is authorised to represent Italian dieticians at European level (EFAD). The “Learn while cooking” project, developed with the scientific contribution of ANDID, underlines Ballarini’s desire to adopt projects of this scope, entrusting medical/scientific issues to a qualified body with the expertise to indicate the issues, methods and correct form of communication.
Further information can be found at cucinandosimpara.it

2008: Children’s workshop - since 2008 Ballarini has been active across Italy promoting healthy diets and environmental eco-sustainability through educational workshops held at:
- nursery schools;
- primary schools;
- cooking schools, where “family labs” are also held to involve parents;
- educational farms;
- festivaletteratura Mantova;
- wedding list stores;
- shopping centres;
- trade fairs.

2009: Environmental rights – the right to live in a protected environment and a community that safeguards it should be part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is the aim of non-profit organisation Rock Inside, whose first conference on 5 September 2009 at the Teatro Bibiena in Mantua was graced by two Nobel peace prize winners: Lech Walesa and Betty Williams. Ballarini also spoke at the conference, underlining the company’s firm commitment in this area.

2009: Ecomondo Prize - leading Italian event in the sector and one of the most important in Europe. Ballarini was listed among the top 10 companies for energy efficiency: an award for the “made in Italy” green economy that Ecomondo, with the support of the President of the Republic, promoted with the aim of acknowledging those Italian companies that stand out for product excellence and the environmental correctness of its manufacturing process.

2009: Impatto Zero® - Ballarini embarked on a partnership with Impatto Zero®, the first Italian project to put the Kyoto protocol into practice, calculating and offsetting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with the creation of new forests.
Impatto Zero® is now an international point of reference in the eco-culture sector, a tangible method of showing that it is possible to construct a new economic model that combines profits, respect for the environment, and attention to social issues (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility - project).

2009 – 2010 Milan Furniture Fair Fuori Salone – during the important Milan trade fair Ballarini sought to promote the ethical nature of its products at the most important ‘green concept’ spaces: La Fabbrica del Vapore (event endorsed by Milan City Council) and Sparkling! Ecologically correct.

2010: Environmental label – the ethical responsibility assumed by the company is expressed in an environmental label that accompanies its eco products. Ballarini declares and guarantees all of the values expressed by these products and a production process completed oriented at protecting man and the environment.
Environmental label here attached

2010 ANDID National Conference – According to the ANDID Code of Ethics, Dieticians should be concerned with the wellbeing of the population, cooperating with institutions, scientific companies, industry and research institutes to organise and promote study projects and informative/educational activities. During the National Conference, as part of the Expo 2015 preparation project, a preview of the Ballarini environmental label was presented (event organised with the patronage of the Ministry of Health).

2011 Funding of first Italian higher education dietetics course on Food Sustainability – with the University of Florence Science Department and the Department of Public Health. The course offers the opportunity to develop the expertise needed to evaluate the impact of political, economic and social dynamics on the food system, and of diets on public health, the environment and social justice. At the end of the course participants will be able to carry out a critical analysis of public and private food policies and the extent to which they support/hinder food sustainability, to use this knowledge in their working environment, and to dialogue effectively with the stakeholders in the food chain.

2011 Funding of Healthy Eating Day (2 October 2011) – An initiative promoted by ANDID in 12 Italian cities designed to highlight how a varied and balanced diet - which respects people and the environment – and an active lifestyle represent a successful strategy for our wellbeing, our humour and the pleasure of good food. ANDID will be present in the cities with marquees in which dieticians will speak with the public, offering them personalised evaluations of their nutritional parameters. Cities involved in the initiative: Bari, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Modena, Naples, Padua, Perugia, Rome, Turin, Udine.

2011 Funding of the Rock Inside UN mission – proposal for the introduction of “environmental rights” to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights submitted to First Councillor Stefano Stefanile of the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations in New York. The proposal was drafted for the association by professor and lawyer Giuseppe Franco Ferrari of Bocconi University in Milan, who developed the issues and illustrated how this important step can be made in legal terms.

2012 IT’S Shanghai Italian Center – The Greenline and Cucinando s’impara collections are chosen by the Ministry of the Environment for the section dedicated to the Italy of the future at “Tradition and innovation, Italy in China”, the exhibition that opened on 18 May in the presence of the deputy mayor of Shanghai, Yang Xiong, and Environment Minister Corrado Clini. This design area includes the work of engineers, designers and Italian businesses that develop products designed to maintain our lifestyles also in the decades to come.
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Venice Biennale – The Greenline and Cucinando s’impara collections are chosen by the Venice Architecture Biennale for the exhibition dedicated to the ‘Sensory Domotic Home’ display at the prestigious Magazzini del Sale. The products are exhibited with the aim of getting visitors to assume ethical responsibility with regard to the things we ‘produce’: the relationship with the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the product and its life cycle, material and the energy it absorbs and consumes itself; i.e. the ecological dimension.
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2013 Funding of Healthy Eating Day (7 October 2012) – An initiative promoted by ANDID in 12 Italian cities designed to highlight how a varied and balanced diet – which respects people and the environment – and an active lifestyle represent a successful strategy for our wellbeing, our happiness and for enjoying good food. ANDID will be erecting marquees in the various cities in which dieticians will speak with the public, providing them with personalised evaluations of their nutritional parameters. Cities involved in the initiative: Rome, Milan, Padua, Ravenna, Reggio Calabria, Bari, Genoa, Perugia, Naples, Pisa, and Turin.

2013: launch of the Cucinando s’impara book – The competition launched by Ballarini together with ANDID, which has involved 5000 Italian schools, will lead to the publishing of the ‘Cucinando s’impara’ book. Ballarini therefore confirms its focus on the younger generations, putting them at the centre of both a commercial and ethical project based on healthy eating and respect for the environment.

2013: Launch of the 188 range, the green collection that reinterprets the “zero km” concept – The 188 range is the product of a virtuous supply chain that remains within 188 km of the Ballarini Spa production site. As a result the number of km travelled is reduced by 78% compared with standard supply chains used to provide the raw materials for this type of collection. As well as the reduced supply chain of all of its raw materials, the 188 range also stands out for its ecological qualities, which are certified and guaranteed by the environmental label that comes with all of its products.
Environmental label here attached

2012: Cultural Partner in Fa’ la cosa giusta – Thanks to its 18 children’s workshops, Ballarini was awarded the title of “Cultural Partner” at the 10th edition of the trade fair on critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles.

2013: Implementation of the waste water treatment plant – The company has always focused on ensuring that its waste water treatment plant has adequate size and structure. Waste water is discharged into the public sewerage system. (Tab.3 – Annex 5 – Italian Legislative Decree no. 152/2006 and subsequent amendments and supplements).

2013: Greater monitoring of emissions – Ballarini implements anti-pollution measures by activating an afterburner that is able to eliminate even residual polluting emissions that fall within legal parameters.

2014 – Radiant induction patent – Radiant is the most recent Ballarini patent for induction bases: it allows almost 100% use of the electricity supply and guarantees excellent performances in terms of the stability of the base. In accordance with the specifications of the LGA, the patented RADIANT is the first Ballarini base to fulfil the concavity criteria in relation to the thinnest coatings: less aluminium is used as a consequence and excellent results are guaranteed in terms of economic competitiveness.

2014 Greenpallet – Pallets also form part of the product and make an important contribution, as tertiary packaging, to the overall consistency and protection of the products. Since 2014 all Ballarini utensils sent on disposable pallets are transported on Greenpallets, which are produced using PEFC and FSC certified wood.

2014 Launch of the “Healthy Regional Recipes” project – of which Ballarini is promoter and coordinator of the working group. Based on three keywords - Flavour, Health and Sustainability - the project takes the form of an in-depth exchange of scientific and technical expertise between four frontline institutions that have chosen to work together for the first time:
- the Professional Association of Italian Chefs (APCI)
- the Italian National Association of Dieticians (ANDID)
- LifeGate
- Ballarini
These institutions share their expertise while focusing on the needs of people. The common goal is to spread the correct messages, shared and applicable at different levels, in Italian homes and eating establishments in general for the promotion of correct eating habits, also with an eye on our health and on environmental sustainability. The project also involves the contribution of a number of leading food sector businesses: La Molisana, Granarolo, Monini, Mutti and Orogel, companies well-known for their investments in technology, research and innovation.

2015 Publication of the book “Healthy Regional Recipes” – The product of a long and intense collaboration between Cooks, Dieticians and Sustainability experts, this collection of recipes brings together certain specific expertise and experience for the first time in a highly effective and accessible book. The underlying aims of the publication are creativity, correct information and the use of the most suitable cooking equipment and methods. The book is available in both Italian and English.

2015 Offsetting CO2 emissions – Mission Accomplished! The Greenline and Green Home collections of eco-sustainable pans contributed to the creation and protection of over 2,268,764 m2 of growing forests in the natural reserves of Costa Rica and Madagascar, whose forests boast a level of biodiversity unparalleled anywhere else in the world. This was possible thanks to Impatto Zero®, the LifeGate project that calculates, reduces and offsets the CO2 emissions generated by businesses, products, services and events, contributing to the creation and protection of growing forests in Italy and across the globe.
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2015 Publication of “Healthy Regional Recipes” Facebook page – he communications campaign to disseminate the content of the “Healthy Regional Recipes” project is broad, diversified and wide-reaching: the strategic goal is to achieve significant targets in terms of numbers but also in terms of the quality of the penetration of the message.
The first activity consists of a specific awareness-raising project, disseminated every two weeks via the social networks of all of the partners in the project for a total of 10 months.

Ballarini Educational Tour – A journey into the realm of susainable flavours – In parallel with the hotly-anticipated and unmissable Expo2015 international event, Ballarini embarks on a historic “culinary-cultural” journey that aims to highlight the close synergy between culinary tradition, cutting-edge production technologies and environmental sustainability, all of which strictly ‘made in Italy’.
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2015 Universal Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015

2015 Universal Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015 – Ballarini: the mile-stones of a success story.
After more than a century Italy hosted the World Expo. For the first time in history the theme was nutrition, at 360 degrees. The "Cook healthy and tastefully" project, which was especially created by Ballarini for the Expo Milano 2015, boasts extensive partnerships with leading associations and Italian companies and represents the perfect cultural blend between the objectives and goals reached by the Mantuan company in the mile-stones that led up to the international event.
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