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The technical innovation of this range lies in the synergy between three different materials: a warm layer of copper is applied to an equally warm layer of aluminium. Together they are passed through a rolling machine and forced together to become a single inseparable material: copper on one side, aluminium on the other. The non-stick coating is applied to this new material. Unlike copper/steel two-ply, the use of copper/aluminium two-ply guarantees the excellent distribution of the heat and enables you to reach the appropriate cooking temperature very quickly with subsequent energy savings. And that's not all. Aluminium is the most suitable material for the correct application of the non-stick coating, a factor that also makes this classic range of cookware appropriate for everyday use by those that love cooking tasty food but with little use of condiments.

Pot & Pan
  • Use on cooking hobs
  • Wide ranges of shapes and dimensions, perfect for all cooking needs
  • Non-stick coatings suitable for daily use- PFOA , heavy metal, nickel free
  • Baking
  • Non-stick coating suitable for baking - PFOA, heavy metal, nickel free
  • To improve daily ways of cooking
  • To improve cooking skills
  • Gift ideas
  • Non-stick coatings suitable for daily use - PFOA , heavy metal, nickel free