Brand profile

Ballarini is the leading brand in the top segment of non-stick cookware. The brand’s distinctive characteristics are its powerful links with Italian and international culinary tradition, and the technological and creative innovation inherent in its products. As expressed by the pay-off “The future of tradition”.
Recently, the Ballarini brand has been the point of focus for an innovative brand communication project, with the objective of reinforcing its positioning as a state-of-the-art player in the quality kitchen. One of the outcomes of this project is, for example, the Circolo della Qualità (Quality Club), a club comprising culinary experts, chefs and gourmets, as well as artists, writers and scientists. It organizes exhibitions, events and meetings for the promotion of the culinary arts in the widest possible sense. Ever-better products and thoughts for all those who love good cooking and a quality table.

Company Profile

Ballarini S.p.A. is one of the most important companies in Europe from the point of view of manufacturing volumes (over 12 million units per year), and it is a leader in terms of innovation, both as regards applied technology, and for its designs.
Ballarini S.p.A. retains a strong presence in every segment of the market: the mass market, the professional sector, and the promotional channel.

Its products are distributed in all five continents.
Italy: 26%
Germany: 30%
Other E.U. countries: 25%
USA: 5%
Middle East: 2%
Rest of the world: 12%.

The company is family-owned, with a managerial organizational approach. It is structured according to areas of business and profit.

Historical profile

The company was founded by Paolo Ballarini in 1889 as a small crafts workshop making metal utensils. By 1931, the Ballarini catalogue comprised 2,000 tableware items, utensils and cookware products. In the 1960s, the company took the strategic decision to concentrate its resources onto just non-stick cookware. In 1980, a licence agreement was signed with Du Pont for the supply of Teflon.
From the 1990s on, Ballarini repeatedly pushed forwards development of the non-stick cookware market, with a regular stream of innovative features. These included the Titanio range, the highly successful Gli Speciali series, the “Fenice” pans for induction hobs, the “Il Rame” collection, the “iLoveCooking” culinary project, and the new “Thermopoint” themal device that permits notable energy savings as well as extending the life of the non-stick pan.
Today, Ballarini S.p.A. has reached the fifth generation of industrialists. Its mission is the creation of value by means of a new culture of quality in the kitchen.