Space problems in the kitchen? The solution in a click.

A revolutionary solution to problems of space in the kitchen. Folding handles, retracting knobs, stackable pans. The new Ballarini Click & Cook cookware range is ideal for various uses and all sorts of spaces. A revolutionary system. The result of Ballarini’s technological research, Click System is a revolutionary device that enables handles and knobs to be folded away with just a few simple actions, considerably reducing the amount of space taken up by pans and lids.

In the dishwasher

Less space in the dishwasher thanks to the folding handles.

Retracting knobs

Less space in the dishwasher thanks to the retracting knobs.

In dispensa

Less space in the cupboard too!

In the refrigerator

Thanks to Opplà, the innovative silicon lid that seals in freshness; with just a light pressure, it creates a vacuum effect to provide an air-tight seal for any saucepan..

Seal in freshness

Opplà silicon lids that seal in freshness. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

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