Policy declaration regarding health and safety at work

BALLARINI PAOLO 7 FIGLI S.p.A., manufacturer of aluminium pans with non-stick internal lining, using main processes of a mechanical type (flattening, cutting, lamination, shearing, embossing, shaping), of preparation of surfaces (sandblasting), and of chemical type (application of the non-stick covering and painting of the outside), considers the person to be the fundamental and irreplaceable element for achieving the objectives of the company and therefore undertakes to ensure that its activities, plants and services are compatible with the objective of the better prevention and protection of workers’ health and safety, with regard to minimising the risks deriving from normal working activity, from particular situations or emergency situations.

BALLARINI PAOLO & FIGLI S.p.A. therefore undertakes:

  • to eliminate/reduce to a minimum the risks of accidents at work or work-related illness in relation to the knowledge acquired on the basis of technical progress, preferring to take action at source:

  • to adopt, for the exercise of the manufacturing activity, equipment, machinery and systems which meet essential safety requirements;

  • to replace, as regards the products used, what is dangerous with what is not, or at least with what is less dangerous;

  • to limit to a minimum the number of workers who are, or who may be, exposed to risks;

  • to adopt a suitable management system to ensure a high level of prevention and protection against risks of accidents or work-related illness and to document, apply and keep active that management system;

  • to guarantee suitable information, training, awareness and instruction in relation to the health and safety of all the workers.

For the purposes of prevention, BALLARINI PAOLO & FIGLI S.p.A. ensures not only simple compliance with the legal requirements and any more restrictive technical industry regulations which have been freely taken on, but, through suitable planning, adopts specific objectives, and ensures the preparation of programmes and the availability of adequate economic and human resources for achieving them, checking them and periodically reviewing them, in order to obtain continuous improvement of the health and safety conditions, also on the basis of technical regulations, directives or proposals of international bodies.
he prevention policy regarding health and safety at work will be documented, implemented and made operative through the commitment of the management and the involvement of the staff at all the levels and in all departments concerned, according to the procedures stated, in this regard, in regulation OHSAS 18001:2007.
The said policy will be communicated to all employees, in order to make them aware of the respective obligations, made available to the parties concerned and periodically reviewed, in order to ensure consistency and suitability over time.

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