Dietitians are healthcare professionals with expertise in all activities designed to ensure the correct application of healthy dietary and nutrition habits (Italian Ministerial Decree 744/1994).

In practice, they promote and manage dietary and nutritional issues in both physiological and pathological situations: from the creation of personalised therapeutic diet plans (medically prescribed) and the development of menus for both the healthy (school and company canteens) and the sick (hospital catering), through to the design and implementation of teaching, educational and informative activities.

ANDID is the association of reference for Italian dietitians: it represents them, protects their interests, promotes training initiatives and ensures that high levels of professionalism are maintained in the industry. ANDID is the only representative body for dietitians in Italy (Italian Ministerial Decree of 19 June 2006).

ANDID represents Italian Dietitians at the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD). It contributes to developing policies adopted by the European Federation to promote and protect the health of people in Europe and complies with the European Code of Ethics drafted by the Federation.

ANDID represents Italian Dietitians at the International Congress of Dietetics (ICD). ANDID strives to facilitate communication and information sharing between dietitians and the private and public sectors and industry.

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