2014 Gift Idea - iLoveCooking Pasta Limited Edition

2014 Gift Idea - iLoveCooking Pasta Limited Edition

A completely new look for this limited edition 2014 gift idea.

iLove Cooking Pasta, the historic box set dedicated to the key staple of the Italian diet is presented at HOMI following a major restyling project that involved various factors.

Firstly, a new pasta. Voiello pasta is now prepared only with 100% italian Aureo wheat. The 500 g pack of penne rigate is packaged in a stylish vintage tin that perfectly reflects the select nature of the raw material as well as epitomising the restyling of the Voiello brand.

The spaghetti server was produced by well-known Italian designer Odoardo Fioravanti who has provided a light and distinctive interpretation of this common utensil, instilling it with a sense of dignity that emphasises his fundamental design approach.

The box set transforms into a stylish and practical "24-hour chef" case containing everything you need to produce a delicious plate of pasta.

iLoveCooking Pasta

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