Ballarini wins 1st prize for best corporate monograph

Ballarini wins 1st prize for best corporate monograph

2013 OMI Award, supported by the President of the Italian Republic and endorsed by the Cabinet of Italy.

Corporate culture as a springboard for Italy’s recovery. This was the underlying theme of the round table conference held on 28 May at the Riva del Garda Conference Centre during the award ceremony for best corporate monograph. A meeting during which well-known entrepreneurs and professors from different fields discussed the key issue: People are, and must be, the focal point of businesses which, through their experience, work and choices, assume a specific personality and a brand reputation that is promoted in the pages of a Monograph, an authentic corporate work of art.

“In Italy corporate communications are beginning to fall into line with
the strategic aspects of business communications”, remarks Prof.
Mario Magagnino, project leader at Osservatorio Monografie
d’Impresa and lecturer in Business Communication at the University of Verona. “The role of our University is to provide the next generation with specialist training also on this type of publication which, whether we like it or not, has become the principal and the best-known form of organisational storytelling, that is, the way a company presents itself in order to communicate its values and to strengthen, or even form, the Corporate Reputation that the market requires”.

With over 300 nominations and 54 works making it to the final, Ballarini was awarded first prize ahead of Vinavil – Gruppo Mapei in second place and Electrolux in third with the AEG monograph.


Ballarini was also afforded an honourable mention for best creative approach - both figuratively and literally - of its work.

Press Release Ballarini wins 1st prize for best corporate monograph