Portofino, cutting-edge Italian technology in the home

Portofino, cutting-edge Italian technology in the home

The success of Ballarini's Granitium coating is further consolidated in the new luxury Portofino collection.
A stylish look and guaranteed performance for a line that underlines the savoir faire of this 100% Italian company.

The high quality of the raw materials is evident in the strong, thick aluminium and the possibility of also using the utensils on induction hobs.

The Granitium non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles and the rock-coloured external colouring are additional features highly appreciated by a well-informed public. The shiny steel grip is a detail that won't go unnoticed by consumers that also demand more from an aesthetic perspective.

Thanks to its elegant packaging you'll want to treat both yourself and others to the gift of Portofino cooking equipment.


Granitium: the non-stick surface with the heart of stone

Granitium non-stick coating, the first non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles to guarantee a drier cooking process similar to that carried out directly on stone. While emulating all the practicality of classic non- stick coatings that enable you to cook without using oil or fat, technical tests have actually demonstrated that Granitium also allows you perfectly sear ingredients at low temperatures, the ideal condition for conserving the nutritional values of food in the absence of liquids.

To cook meat perfectly on the outside while locking in all of the juices that make it succulent, people normally barbecue or use an iron pan, with temperatures rising as high as 400°C. Thanks to the Granitium coating you can now achieve the same results at 200°C, i.e. with a more healthy cooking method. Cooking times are also reduced and no smoke is produced.Granitium is the product of nanotechnologies developed by the Ballarini R&D department which carries out quality control checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as stated on the product packaging.

Ballarini Educational

You can find out about the specific features of the various collections in stores but also online thanks to the new “Why buy – buying guide” profiles.

Also available for download from the Ballarini site is the “Guide to food cooking materials", an educational tool created by the Italian Association of Dieticians and endorsed by the Department of Public Health of Università degli Studi di Firenze.

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