Aluminium with a ceramic coating

Aluminium with a ceramic coating

Ceramic has recently joined the world of cookware coatings. This coating, made with a ceramic material, is produced using SOL-GEL technology.

They are usually hybrid organic-inorganic coatings with intermediate properties between those of organic polymers and vitreous oxides.
The ceramic coating offers non-stick performance that is inferior to that of conventional fluoropolymer-based coatings available on the market.
To ensure the performance and long life of cookware with ceramic coatings, the dishwasher should be avoided. It is difficult to cook dry foods in these utensils without the addition of condiments.

This cookware is ideal for obtaining golden and crispy results. Since ceramic coatings are glassy by nature, they are more fragile than polymeric coatings.
While ceramic coatings have a high thermal resistance, it is important to note that the maximum recommended cooking temperature for maintaining the nutritional value of food in the absence of liquids, such as grilling, is 250°C.

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