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  • Gas
  • Electricity (solid hob)
  • Electricity radiant or halogenous plate in glass ceramic
  • Electricity (radiant ring)
  • Low temperature-dishwasher
  • Electricity induction Patented plate in glass ceramic
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Materials for cooking food:
Pot & Pan
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Cooking is an art. The art of selecting the ingredients, combining them, blending flavours and colours. Cooking does not leave lasting monuments. A masterful risotto is gone in a few minutes, an entire dinner lasts but an evening. But the recipe is handed down by tradition, and is a witness to places, people, and products of the local soil. All of these things together form the historical memory of a place.

Positano is a non-stick cookware range dedicated to the induction cooking, but it is also suitable on all other heat sources such as: gas, electric, radiant, halogen and glass-ceramics.

  • Frying pan Deep pan 1 handle Serving pan 2 handles Casserole 2 handles Saucepan 1 handle Wok Grill pan Glass lid