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  • Gas
  • Electricity (solid hob)
  • Electricity radiant or halogenous plate in glass ceramic
  • Electricity (radiant ring)
  • Low temperature-dishwasher
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Materials for cooking food:
Pot & Pan
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Rialto, a long history behind every dish. The holds of the Venetian ships that traversed the Mediterranean overflowed with spices: that is how Venetian cuisine, simple and genuine by nature, was enriched by the intriguing flavours of the Orient. There are places where tradition and modernity live in perfect harmony. Like in Veneto, where the simple foods of the mainland are wedded with the sumptuous and refined cuisine of Venice itself.

  • Frying pan Deep pan 1 handle Pan 2 handles Casserole 2 handles Casserole 2 handles + glass lid Saucepan 1 handle Wok Grill pan
  • Dome glass lid