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  • Gas
  • Conventional oven
  • Electricity (solid hob)
  • Electricity radiant or halogenous plate in glass ceramic
  • Electricity (radiant ring)
  • Low temperature-dishwasher
  • Piastra elettrica radiante
  • Electricity induction Patented plate in glass ceramic
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Materials for cooking food:
Pot & Pan
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A combination of materials to make your cooking simply divine. The aromas of the sea and the fruits of the land find their full expression, entrusted to impeccable cooking instruments. Their success lies in the quality of the non-stick surface, which cannot be damaged even by metal utensils. Taormina pans are also perfect for use in the oven thanks to the silicon handles that are resistant to high temperatures.

  • Frying pan Deep pan 1 handle Pan 1 handle + handgrip Pan 2 handles + glass lid Saucepan 1 handle Casserole 2 handles + glass lid Wok Grill pan
  • Flat glass lid