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  • Gas
  • Conventional oven
  • Electricity (solid hob)
  • Electricity radiant or halogenous plate in glass ceramic
  • Electricity (radiant ring)
  • Low temperature-dishwasher
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Materials for cooking food:
Pot & Pan Oven
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Verona by Ballarini is a new range of cooking utensils designed with the future in mind. All the advantages of modern technology, together with carefully-tested materials for the best possible cooking results and stylish but understated design, combine to give you the maximum freedom of expression in the kitchen. Freedom to choose, freedom in cooking, freedom to use aromas from all over the world in your dishes.

  • Frying pan Deep pan 1 handle + hangrip + glass lid Deep pan 2 handles + glass lid Casserole 2 handles + glass lid Saucepan 1 handle + glass lid Grill pan Wok 1 handle