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Grill pan

Dimensioni - 28x28

Codice: GL9F0

Discover the value of the environmental label. The ethical responsibility that the company has assumed is embodied and expressed in the environmental label that accompanies each utensil. It bears an absolute declaration of the deep values at the core of these products and a guarantee that their production is destined for the benefit of mankind and the environmental protection.

Zero Impact: Every Greenline product contributes to 5 square metres of reforestation in Wildlife Reserve in developing countries, equal to 5,2 kg of compensated CO2.

Keravis Extreme: New non-stick coating with ceramic support.

Thermopoint: Heat indicator, indicates the ideal temperature for energy-saving frying. Cooking utensils that are used directly over a flame like frying pans, deep sautepans and grill pans have this device.

Heat-resistant outer coating: Easy to clean.

Tested quality: Ballarini also has ongoing controls performed by respected international agencies such as Neotron (Italy), LGA (Germany), and the Danish Institute (Denmark) to ensure that the company’s non-stick coatings are completely suitable and safe for use with foodstuffs.