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iLoveCooking Crêpes

Ø cm - 25

Codice: 9N205A

1   crêpe pan Ballarini in non-stick aluminium
1   750 gr jar of NUTELLA® cream
1   cream spreader
1   crêpe roller
1   "La Cucina Italiana" recipe book

Ballarini company, well established since 1889, has selected the best companies of Italian tradition to develop the iLoveCooking project: Riso Gallo 1856, Voiello 1879, Mutti 1899, La Cucina Italiana 1929, Ferrero 1946, Molino di Vigevano 1936, Olio Carli 1911, Plasmon 1902, Rigoni di Asiago 1922, Salina di Cervia 1274, Decora 1998: with their 1827 years’ experience combine together into a product which tells the story of the Italian cooking quality tradition.

Tested quality: Ballarini also has ongoing controls performed by respected international agencies such as Neotron (Italy), LGA (Germany), and the Danish Institute (Denmark) to ensure that the company’s non-stick coatings are completely suitable and safe for use with foodstuffs.

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