An entire company under the flag of quality

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification demonstrates our commitment to constant improvement in terms of product, price and service. Ballarini chose the SGS ITALIA Spa test institute, one of the most severe and prestigious in the world.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification


The Management of BALLARINI S.p.A. believes that the below mentioned commitments are the priority for the entire Organization:
1) all requisites related to products and services according to technical norms agreed with customers are to be respected at all times
2) all processes are to be continuously monitored and a plan for their constant improvement is to be defined accordingly
3) all factors that may lead to customers’ satisfaction as well as all means aimed at enhancing their level of satisfaction are to be clearly identified and monitored
4) all necessary resources aimed at accomplishing the customers' degree of satisfaction as well as the performance of the various processes are to be put in place
5) specific and targeted meetings within the different sectors of the Organisation with the objective of monitoring the continuous improvement process are to be implemented

In order to carry out such commitments:
- a proper and documented procedure has been prepared
- an improvement plan with measurable objectives has been defined
- operative methods towards the achievement of set objectives have been activated

The Management of BALLARINI S.p.A. strongly believes that every function of the Organisation must feel directly involved in the achievement of all set objectives.

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