The Ballarini world of non-stick coatings


All applied non-stick coatings are tested in the Ballarini quality laboratories and used in full compliance with the international quality standards and regulations that regulate the qualities of materials that come into contact with foods.
All coatings applied to the Ballarini collections are PFOA-free and ideal for those with allergies to heavy metals and nickel.

Underlining the extreme reliability of the materials used, a Ballarini collection was included in a major food culture project dedicated to infants and aimed at promoting healthy diets and eco-sustainability.
The project promotes the use of cooking instruments with non-stick coatings that allow you to cook with the partial or complete absence of oils and fats and seeks to provide the basic rules to follow in order to cook healthily and correctly.
A project developed together with ANDID (Italian Dietician’s Association), the only association that dialogues with the Italian Ministry of Health and which is authorised to represent Italian dieticians at European level (EFAD). The safety of the raw materials used for these non-stick coatings is further confirmed by their use in the medical sector: from the production of prostheses and coronary bypass instruments to surgical instruments.

Prof. Franco Battaglia, lecturer in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Modena, together with Professor Gianni Fochi, lecturer in Chemistry at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, recently drafted a document born from an in-depth study into non-stick materials that certifies the complete suitability of non-stick coatings in terms of food safety and environmental friendliness.