Keravis WhiteStone

The first authentically non-stick clear coating

Ballarini, leading producer of non-stick cooking equipment, is the only company that can offer a complete range of coatings, designed and applied in a special way for the catering sector (intensive professional use) and domestic use (frequent and intensive use). KERAVIS WHITESTONE is the first metal cutlery-proof non-stick clear coating.

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The first clear non-stick coating

1 - truly non-stick
2 - long-life guarantee
3 - dishwasher resistant

with consequent reduction in CO2 emissions (impact evaluation according to LCA Life Cycle Assessment method)

Thermpoint Heat indicator: indicates the ideal temperature for cooking whilst saving energy

Keravis WhiteStone, the first coating that guarantees 100% non-stick performance and high scratch resistance. Ideal for prolonged use and intensive washing in dishwashers.


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