Be reassured, Thermopoint will let you know.

From research by Ballarini, the device that helps you in the kitchen.

The answer to your questions.

Has the pan reached the cooking temperature? Can I turn the flame down to maximise utilisation of heat and avoid wasting energy? Has the pan cooled down yet? It is cool enough to put on the table, touch and wash? When cooking we ask ourselves the same questions time and time again. Thermopoint answers these questions using the familiar red/green code of a heat-sensitive cell placed at the base of the handle.

The right colour.

Thermopoint is the new device from Ballarini. It turns red when the pan is hot enough for cooking to start; and goes back to green when cooking is over and the pan is once again cool enough to be safely washed, touched and moved to other surfaces.

Optimum cooking with no energy wastage.

With Thermopoint it’s easy to know when it’s the right time to turn the heat down and regulate cooking temperature: this means there’s no risk of overheating or overcooking food or ruining the non-stick coating. It means better cooking and energy savings.

Greater safety.

Thermopoint also helps you to avoid heat shocks due to the sudden change from hot to cold. An example of this is when a hot pan is plunged into cold water: this causes the utensil to become deformed and can cause hot oil to splash out dangerously. With Thermopoint just wait for green and be reassured.

+ information
+ quality in your cooking
+ longer life for the non-stick coating of your pans
+ safety
- energy consumption